A world without financial borders where everyone can prosper



of the world’s population live in emerging markets



people are unbanked globally



alternative payments methods exist around the world



of people have access to credit in emerging markets

At Wefreepay, our vision is to create a world without financial borders where everyone can prosper. We provide businesses and consumers in emerging markets with the financial services and products they need to thrive.

Our expertise in 50+ emerging markets enables Wefreepay to offer a wide range of payment and consumer credit solutions aimed at increasing financial access throughout the world.


We develop and invest heavily in new technologies and deploy them around the world.

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We rely on local teams to better understand and serve people’s needs.

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We seek out new opportunities every day to improve people’s lives.

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Financial inclusion that impacts lives

We partner with the best-in-field to provide access to the most intuitive products and services. Our local knowledge means we bring financial services to those who need them in a way that works. We always have the people who use our services at the heart of what we do.

Financial Prosperity Barometer

How do people in emerging markets define prosperity? Our Financial Prosperity Barometer report set out to find out how financial services make an impact.

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